HP Z600 Workstation X5650 HEX 2.67GHZ




The computer has been tested and cleaned
It is in perfect working order
The hard disk has no bad sectors
The case has few scratches
No keyboard & no mouse included (can be purchased separately under the keyboard/mouse section)
win 7 pro 64bit is preinstalled
win 7 COA license sticker affixed with the words “Proof of license”
This complies with Microsoft EULA licensing terms for transferring a computer
Note: No installation CD is supplied.


1x Intel® XEON Quad core x5650 2.66/ 12MB . 2nd CPU empty
nVidia FX 1800 Quadro graphic card
24.0 GB ddr3 1333 FSB memory ECC (upgrade-able up 48gb)
1X 500GB HDD
Dvd burner, read/writes dvd’s,cd’s,audio cd’s
Integrated Gigabit Ethernet
5x usb ports in back , 2x in front
1x lan port

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 45 x 16 x 45 cm


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